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This could happen to you!

A Grateful Patient Story


Your daughter is home from University due to COVID-19 closures and restrictions. COVID is new to everyone. She has her headphones on listening to her favorite songs while studying. She begins having pains in her side and they persist for a few days but are not severe, yet!

April 2 – We are all trying to understand COVID and the new changes. It’s dinner time and suddenly your daughters pain becomes worse and is concerning. You call Telehealth, who are overwhelmed with calls, so you have to leave a message. The pain worsens and now your daughter can barely stand straight. It’s now serious. You rely on your local community hospital and rush to the Emergency Department where your daughter is seen by a team of competent Nurses and Doctors. Even with the new COVID protocols and restrictions, your daughter receives care quickly and efficiently and can go home that evening.

April 3 – After a CT Scan, the Doctor reviews the results and surgery is decided as the best option. Dealing with all of this you wonder about COVID, the risks of surgery and your daughter’s University exams all with mixed emotions. You have met some very kind Nurses that have reassured your daughter that she is in good hands and she will be looked after. You have confidence in them, but still can’t help but worry.

A few hours pass and she is out of surgery and able to go home with you that evening. All things considered, your experience was great. The Doctor even took the time to help with the forms your daughter needs for her University exams and gives you her cell number to text if there are any concerns post-surgery. You have even more confidence in the hospital and the Doctors as you have been shown exceptional care.

What an experience! One you don’t wish on anyone, especially during COVID and everyone trying to learn how to deal with it. You are truly grateful for your local community hospital and the concern and excellent care shown to your daughter.

How do you thank the Hospital Team, Doctors, Nurses and staff? With a generous gift!

In this case a personal gift of $500 matched by your company with another $500. $1000 to support the team at the hospital.

This is the true heartfelt story of Bob and Kathy McCormick and their daughter Clare’s experience having appendicitis and subsequent surgery during the early days of COVID.

Kathy states “We felt confident that TDMH was the best choice because it is a great hospital, and there was less risk of exposure to COVID. We are thankful to live in a community that is committed to supporting our hospital, so it is there for everyone who needs it, when they need it with trained professionals who look out for the best interests of their patients.”

Bob’s employer, IG Wealth Management made the matching gift through the companies matching gift program.

Thank you Bob and Kathy! Clare, glad you are healthy and feeling better. All the best at University