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Care Closer to Home with the Introduction of Same Day Joint Replacement Surgeries at TDMH

In March 2022, TDMH performed its first Same Day Joint Hip Replacement Surgery.

The development and implementation of our orthopedic program would not have been possible without the support and generosity of the community. Funds raised went to the purchasing of the equipment required to perform these surgeries. I want to extend an extra special thank you to the Lessif family for their on-going commitment and support of the orthopedic surgical program at TDMH.

The implementation of this program will provide residents of the communities we service greater access to quality care closer to home.

Clarence is a 48-year-old man who lives in nearby Salford. He works at a physically demanding job as a flooring installer. Over a year ago, Clarence began experiencing pain in his right hip. As the pain progressed to the point of affecting his other leg, he was unable to walk properly. After seeing a surgeon, Clarence found out he needed a total hip replacement. At this time, the wait list for this procedure was over two years. For Clarence two years seemed like forever to be in constant pain Frustrated with the long wait, Clarence decided he should explore other options and was referred to Dr. Inculet, our orthopedic surgeon in Tillsonburg. Due to the recent expansion of our orthopedic surgical program, Clarence learned his wait time would be much less.

On March 9, 2022, Clarence received total hip same day joint replacement. Within 2 hours after his surgery, with the help of the physiotherapist, he was up and out of bed, using a walker, practicing his walking and climbing stairs. Later that afternoon Clarence was discharged home. Within a couple of days he had graduated from using a walker to using crutches and was very motivated to get moving

Today Clarence reports that he is feeling great – “even better than before his surgery”. He has little to no pain and is excited to be “running in circles” soon. He is looking forward to doing all the things he used to do.

When asked how he felt about his surgery and his healthcare experience, Clarence stated, “Dr. Inculet is amazing. He keeps up with me by calling me regularly to see how I am doing”. He is progressing extremely well in his physiotherapy. “Kathy the physiotherapist says I am way ahead of the game”.

Clarence is happy he was able to be such an important part of the journey to offering same day joint replacement surgeries at TDMH, and was extremely satisfied with his experience. He welcomes others that others will benefit from having their surgery in a timely manner, and close to home.