Gifts at Work

Thanks to a local Philanthropist, a new Diagnostic Imaging Centre and equipment is in the works at Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital (TDMH).

Over the past several years, the TDMH Foundation has been the recipient of generous monetary gifts from a local retired businessman and his wife.

Archie Verspeeten and his late wife Irene, have supported TDMH for several years. Most recently, the Verspeeten family have come forward with a transformational gift to fund the much needed new equipment for the Diagnostic Imaging Centre at Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital.

A gift of $1.8 Million from the Verspeeten family will fund the replacement of the existing Computed Tomography (CT) scanner in the Diagnostic Imaging Centre with new ‘State of the Art’ equipment early in 2024. This includes a new CT scanner and other Diagnostic Imaging improvements.

CT scans are created by combining multiple X-rays to produce 3D images. CT is one of the most important clinical methods for precise and fast diagnostics. This imaging along with the use of contrast has significantly improved cancer diagnosis pre and post treatment, increased interpretation for many patient conditions, such as stroke, kidney stone and diverticulitis (to name a few). This has reduced the patients’ length of hospitalization and gives the physician’s a clear diagnosis to help patients and their families along their health care journey. The advances in the CT scan technology in recent years include reducing harmful radiation to patients, enabling faster scan speed, as well as improved image quality.

Archie and Irene’s generous philanthropic gifts to TDMH has exceeded $3 Million to date. In recognition, our
first Donor Naming sign has just been installed on the face of our hospital building and in the hallways of the Diagnostic Imaging Centre.

Archie and Irene have donated charitably to various medical facilities in the area. In addition to TDMH, the
Delhi Community Health Centre as well as London Health Sciences Centre have both received sizable donations.

The CT scanner is on its way and will be installed and operational early in the New Year 2024.