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2023 Capital Equipment Campaign                

Every year the Foundation works with the hospital to help them fund the required highest priority needs of Capital Equipment. To help add new technology to improve care, we are asking for your continued support and cannot do it without your generous gifts, as the Government does not fund Capital Equipment.

Below is a list of some of the equipment required for 2023:

Ultrasound (with probes)

An ultrasound machine uses high-frequency sound waves to make an image of a person’s internal body structures.  This will allow us to offer superior diagnostic images for the reading Radiologist to make a diagnosis for you. This common diagnostic test is used for many types of imaging which at TDMH includes monitoring development of unborn babies, abdominal organs, blood vessels along with breast imaging to include biopsy. The machine will allow us to see fine detail and help define lesions and gain earlier diagnosis to allow for treatment. @$182,000 each, 1 required.

Ultrasound Probes

Ultrasound probes or transducers come in different shapes and sizes for use when taking ultrasound pictures of different parts of the body. @$8,000 each, 2 required.  Replacement for current probes that are at end of life.

Endo Dry Cabinet

An endoscope drying and storage cabinet is designed to protect, manage and store flexible scopes in a clean environment. This is part of the exceptional patient care providing safety and quicker access to necessary endoscopes when required. Reduces wait times, provides safe storage of expensive equipment and gives Physicians access to equipment when required. @$36,000 each, 2 required.

Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) computer software upgrade

The hospital requires mammography computer software upgrades to allow us to provide enhanced contrast mammography for our patients.  Currently this is offered at SJHC – London for our patients. This technology is quick and we can finish the diagnosis in one day! CEM significantly shortens the time from screening to treatment. Improved patient care for patients with breast cancer and dense breast closer to home. @$96,000, 1 required.

Contrast Injector for Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM)

The contrast injector is a medical device used with the Contrast Enhanced Mammography software for injecting contrast media into the body to enhance the visibility of breast lesions and related surrounding tissues. This helps patients along their health care journey and provides better contrast imaging to allow for a definitive diagnosis. @$41,000, 1 required.

Patient Beds

Replacement of existing hospital beds due to aging.  The new bed type helps prevent patient falls, pressure injuries and offers features that contribute to easy patient use and comfort. Providing a better patient experience and care. @$16,000 each, 2 required.

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