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Thank you for your support in 2020.

2021 Brings the vaccine, new hope and new enhancements to your local healthcare. To help add new technology to improve care, we are asking for your continued support. We are growing and expanding the Surgical Program, and adding Orthopedic Surgery, but cannot do it without your generous gifts.

Below is a list of some of the equipment required for 2021.


Defibrillators are a life saving device that are used during a cardiac arrest.  They deliver an electric shock to your heart to restart the heart in a normal rhythm.  These are kept on our code blue carts to be taken anywhere in the hospital when an Emergency occurs. @$20,000 each, 1 required.


A Colonoscope is used to perform endoscopy procedures (specifically colonoscopies). This is the camera used by the surgeon to visualize the colon during the procedure. @$40,000 each, 2 required.


A Glidescope is an assistive device used during intubation of a patient. This device allows the physician to see the patient’s airway using a camera which makes accurately inserting a breathing tube easier.  When time is of the essence and a breathing tube is needed this equipment allows timely intubation to be successful. @$23,000 each, 1 required.


When caring for critical care patients, this special bed allows us to turn and reposition patients safely.  When using the smart functionality of this bed to assist with patient movement, both patients and staff are at a lower risk for injury associated with repositioning. @$50,000, 1 required.

Orthopedic Surgical Program:

GE Digital Mobile ERGO C-Arm

Mobile digital x-ray designed for surgical settings, enables patients to be x-rayed during surgery, in the OR. C-Arm is adjustable and can be positioned around patient to provide multiple x-ray views. @ $209,000 each, 1 required.

STRYKER Orthopedic Instruments

Multiple smaller instruments used to perform different types of surgery- either extremity fracture, or Hip and Knee replacement. Assembled in trays which are sterilized, specialized for this type of surgery. Include a variety of retractors, forceps, curettes, pliers, chisels, hooks, etc. @$70,000 (small bone) @$87,000 (large bone- hip/knee), 1 set each required.

STRYKER Power Equipment and Drivers

Power tools for surgery. A variety of drills, chisels, saws used for small bone extremity surgery, or a larger more powerful set for hip and knee surgeries. Battery operated, sterilisable, very precise. $97,000 (small bone) $88,000 (large bone- hip/ knee), 1 set each required.

STRYKER Arthroscopic and Video Equipment

Video tower and camera system to allow for visualization during arthroscopic (keyhole) surgeries. $54,000 each, 1 required.

STERIS Radiolucent Fluoro Bed Extension and Arm Extension

Bed and Arm extension for existing OR bed. Made of radiolucent materials allowing for x-rays in place during surgery. @$12,000 each, 1 required.

STERIS Hip/ Knee Bed Positioning Device/ Traction

This item contains several small items that attach to our existing OR table to provide traction, Positioning of arms and legs for hip and knee replacement surgery. @$95,000 each, 1 required


Your gift whether large or small makes a difference. Every dollar counts. Please consider a gift today! 
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Thank you for keeping and improving healthcare close to home, your home, your hospital.


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